Advertise with Us!

Assalaam Alaikum

We pray that this email reach you in good health and Imaan. The Canadian Islamic Broadcasting Network (CIBN) is offering advertising on our internet radio station for the month of Ramadan at very competitive rates.

  Sponsorship of the Adhan for breaking the fast       – $5 per spot per day

  Sponsorship of Quranic Juz of the day                      – $10 per spot per day

  Sponsorship of the time                                               – $5 per spot per day

  Ramadan Reminder (1 minute long )                        – $5 per spot per day

  Your 30 seconds ad                                                       – $10 per play per day


If you are interested is taking advantage of these rates during the month of Ramadan, please feel free complete the form below. 

Hurry! Space is limited and filling up quickly.